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In 2023, Christopher commenced studies in anthropology at the Australian National University. His focus is on creative processes among writers in Iceland. In looking at creative processes, Christopher hopes to better understand the ways creative practitioners are involved in the ways people come to understand personal and national identities during times of social change and upheaval.


What are the stories we tell about ourselves and each other, and how do they impact the ways we think, feel, and act?

Christopher will conduct one year of fieldwork in Iceland, working with and alongside creative writers to discuss their processes and practices and to understand what informs and influences them, and how they see their works impacting the conversations that take place around them. 

Below is a list of academic activities and projects linked to my research. For a fuller list of publications, projects, and other activities, click here.​

Current Projects

Iceland in Other Words: A Zine of Ethnographic Fiction. Editor & Producer. More here.


Ós – the Journal. Issue 7: Unspoken. Editor & Editorial Board Member. More here.

Hafnar.Zine, Hafnar.Haus, Editor and contributor. More here.

Creativity/Bigotry, edited volume. Editor and contributor. 


2 July 2024. Presenting "Standing Outside Looking In: Nordic Noir as a Window into Icelandic Euroscepticism & Sovereignty" chapter. Panel presentation. EUPOP Conference 2024, Estonia. 2 July. More.

05 June 2024, Reading, 'Grief for Others', Reykjavík Open, Mengi.

29 February 2024, Reading, Hafnar.Zine #2 Launch, SvartbySvart.

20 February 2024, Tuesday Talks, Hafnar Haus, Reykjavík.

16 February 2024, Anthropology Day 2024, University of Iceland, Reykjavík.


2024 | Hafnar Haus, Board Member.

2024 | Reyjavik Poetics, Producer and Board Member.

2024 | Ós Pressan, Editorial Board Member.

2023– | Anthropology and Humanism, Reviewer.


Australian Research Scholarship,

Australian National University

Field Work Funds, 

Department of Archaeology and Anthropology

Hansen Scandinavian Friendship Endowment – Research Fund: $10,000.

Hansen Scandinavian Friendship Endowment – Travel Fund:


Professional Memberships

Australian Anthropological
Society (current)

University Association for Contemporary European Studies (current)

Writing NSW (former)

Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild (former)

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