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A strange affection.

short story | 2022

Published in

Queer as Fiction, Spineless Wonders.

Creative participation and representation.


Published by

The Freilich Project for the Study of Bigotry.

Travels through old futures: Speculative fiction and queer possibility.

Review | 2020

Published by

The Geek Anthropologist.


Short story | 2014 | 2017

Published in

Imaginary Worlds: An Urchin Press Anthrology, from Urchin Press

First published in

The Evening Lands: UTS Writers' Anthology 2013, from Xoum/Brio Books

Bawder House.


Short Story | 2016

First published in

Phantasmagoria Magazine

What monsters we make: fear and creativity.

essay | 2016

First published in

Upswell Magazine

A boy named sodom.

flash fiction | 2015

First published by

Grouch Magazine. 

the necrophage.

short story | 2014

Published in

Sight Lines: UTS Writers' Anthrology 2014, from Xoum/Brio Books.

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