A strange affection.

short story | 2021

Published in

queer as fiction, spineless wonders.


Short Story | 2014 | 2017

Published in

Evening Lands: The UTS Writers' Anthology 2013, by Xoum/Brio Books.

Also published in

Imaginary Worlds: An Urchin Press Anthology by Urchin Press.

Described in the Sydney Morning Herald as:

one extraordinary feat of imagination and narration by Christopher Marcatili, who creates in Cartograph a frightening world that is at once alien and familiar.

Travels through Old Futures: Speculative Fiction and Queer Possibility.

Review | 2020

Published by

The Geek Anthropologist.

What Monsters We Make: Fear and Creativity.

Essay | 2016

Published in

Upswell Magazine's 2nd Edition.

Bawder House.

Short Story | 2016

Published in

Phantasmagoria Magazine's 2nd Edition.

The Necrophage.

Short Story | 2015

Published in

Sight Lines: UTS Writers' Anthology 2014 by Xoum/Brio Books.

A Boy Named Sodom.

Flash Fiction | 2015

Published in

Grouch Magazine's 3rd Edition.