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Iceland in Other Words: A Zine of Ethnographic Fiction

"Iceland in Other Words: A Zine of Ethnographic Fiction" is a creative exploration of Icelandic culture and society through the lens of ethnographic fiction. This zine combines the immersive storytelling of fiction with the research-driven insights of ethnography, offering readers a unique way to understand and experience Iceland. "Iceland in Other Words" serves as both an educational tool and a literary work, inviting readers to reflect on the ways in which cultural stories are told and understood.


What is ethnographic fiction?


Ethnographic fiction blends the factual rigour of ethnography—traditionally the detailed study of people and cultures—with the imaginative elements of fiction. This approach allows for a deeper emotional connection to the subject matter, making complex cultural nuances more accessible and engaging. 

What is a zine?


A zine is a small, self-published work, often produced by individuals or small groups. It typically features original or appropriated texts and images. Zines are known for their DIY ethos, limited print runs, and unique, often hand-crafted aesthetic. They are easily reproduced through printing and photocopying. 

How will the zine be produced?

The goal is for this to be a collectively and collaboratively produced project. This means, anyone who is involved can have a say in how it all comes together. 

Why are you doing this?


This zine is part of a research project looking at creative practices and processes in Iceland among local and international writers. Contributors may choose to be involved in the production of the zine if they want. Reflections on the production and creative process will be included as data for an anthropological research project, possibly informing a PhD thesis and/or other research projects. For more information, click here.

Can I be involved?


Yes! Submissions are open from Friday 28 June 2024 until Friday 9 August 2024. 

Once submissions are received, more opportunities for being involved will be discussed.

What do I send?

One piece of creative writing no longer than 1000 words (or multiple pieces that collectively don't exceed 1000 words), OR up to three poems, OR up to 3 images. Vignettes, experimental pieces, and multimedia pieces are also welcome and could be linked using a QR code. Please send a single Word document or PDF. Contributions should be in the form of ethnographic fiction, but creative nonfiction will also be considered.  

I'm still not really sure what you want me to send...

Send a piece of creative writing that captures some honest sense of what it means to live and be in Iceland today. This might be a fragment of the everyday, or a moment of some cultural significance. Maybe you overheard an interesting conversation. Or maybe you sit in a particular part of town and watch people pass by. Maybe it's to do with the darkness or weather, or maybe it's to do with sport, art, or nature. Whatever. It's up to you. 

Official stuff

All contributors will retain ownership of their work. Unfortunately, we cannot pay. Contributions, if accepted, will be included in a zine, which will be printed and distributed for free in Iceland and internationally. The zine will be made available online for download and printing. Creators will retain the right to use and reproduce their own texts as they see fit.

Submissions opening Friday 28 June 2024

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