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Trickster's Wake

Trickster's Wake is a low-magic urban fantasy novel for adults currently in development. It's set in a world that blends 1920s LA with late 19th Century UK and features a strong female lead. 


This character-driven story centres on themes that consider our relationship with the environment.​

This novel is in late stages of development.


Evelyn Blackbriar has spent her life trying to understand the deadly trickster folk, creatures able to bend the earth at will.


When a wealthy benefactor takes an interest in her research, it's an opportunity she cannot turn down.


She and her former partner, Alfred, agree to join an impossible project: to catch a trickster and learn how it wends its horrible power. But an attack by the creature ruins the project before it has a chance to begin.


Separated, Alfred and Evelyn must make unlikely allies and desperate choices to survive.


For Evelyn to find the answers she seeks she will need to give up everything she has left, and perhaps sacrifice her very humanity.

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