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Hafnar.zine #4 – Memory

The fourth issue of the Hafnar Haus (also here) zine is now out! This issue is themed 'Memory' and it's full of a bunch of great little writing pieces, images, a crossword, a song... you name it.

Every issue of this zine always surprises me. In part, this is because of the diversity of work that gets packed into such a small space. The diversity shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, though, since it reflects the immense talent of the people working at Hafnar Haus. The zine is the brainchild of and principally designed by Christoph Matt, and for each issue he comes up with some interesting quirk of design. This time, the zine comes with an outer jacket which can be cut up and used to create a memory card game.

It's been great fun to be involved as a contributor and also in helping to pull it together.

Since the zines are currently print-only, and we only printed about fifty, they're very hard to get hold of. But here's the little poem I wrote for this month's issue:

Ghost Story

A ghost story tilted on its head

Where the living haunt the dead

Pestering them as we plunder

Corners of the mind’s dark bunker

Disturbing their eternal rest

With burdens that were once suppressed.

Lighting way with fading ember

Poor pestered ghosts that we remember. 

This issue was launched as part of the 2024 Reyjavík Art Book Fair.

Display of the first four issues of the zine series at the 2020 Reykjavík Art Book Fair


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