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Hafnar.Talks #6

I was so pleased to be invited to present my research and writing at the Hafnar Haus Tuesday Talks! Hafnar Haus is a co-working space, but it's also a creative community. It's rare to find a place that not only provides such a big community of creatives (350+) a space to work and co-exist. Really good work has been done to bring people together and create a sense of community.

The Tuesday Talks are a new initiative to get residents to present their work and interests to the community.

Yesterday I presented my research to the fine folks at Hafnar Haus and made some good connections. I spoke a bit about myself – my editing work at Ellipsis Editing, my current creative projects, and my interests in weird and queer fiction, and more recently in ethnographic fiction.

I also spoke a bit about my research interests: creative processes among Icelandic writers, as a way to understand personhood and nationhood during times of change.

I think my time at Hafnar Haus will be massively informative in my research and it's already been a huge boost to my creative practice while I'm here in Iceland.



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