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Dagur Mannfræðinngar 2024

I'm extremely pleased to have been invited to present my research tomorrow at the Anthropology Day celebrations at the University of Iceland.

For those who don't know, I'm currently in Reykjavík conducting year-long fieldwork for the completion of my anthropology PhD. I arrived in December 2023, with fieldwork starting 7 January 2024, and going until 7 January 2025.

While I'm here I'm working with some incredible creative writers, artists, and other creative minds. I'm broadly studying the anthropology of creativity, looking at creative writing processes and practices among writers in Iceland. I'm interested in exploring the stages of the creative writing process, the ways these intersect more broadly in social and cultural processes, and the role that creative writers play in creating, maintaining or challenging narratives of selfhood and nationhood during times of social change.

Tomorrow I'm presenting my research to the undergrads at the UoI. I'll be presenting my project, currently titled 'Navigating Social Change Through Icelandic Creative Writing Processes' – an exceedingly boring title for something I hope will turn out to be much more creative.

I'm presenting alongside Jasmín Kristjánsson, with the project "'Cultural difference' in education and welfare: MA in the institutional reception of Roma in Reykjavík", and both Sanda Smáradóttir Signý Guðmundsdóttir.

Can't wait to hear more about these cool project and chat with fellow anthro-nerds!



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