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  • Christopher Marcatili

2022 Wrap Up

What a year it has been.

This year was supposed to be the one where everything went back to 'normal' but, instead, we've all been marked by two years of strangeness and change. A 'new' normal has been talked about a lot. But what does this mean?

For me, it has meant embracing change. I've started a new job, moved city, signed up to do a PhD, and (finally) learned to drive a car... mundane things, mostly, but with dramatic impacts on my life. In the mix I've had to say goodbye to people I care for, throw myself into uncomfortable spaces, and reflect on who I am and what I want to achieve.

But what about the writing?

There have been small successes. I was so proud to have a short story, 'A Strange Affection' published in print by Spineless Wonders. And there was the launch of my trailer for Trickster's Wake, the novel I've been working on. But the novel itself continues to need work: I had it professionally edited and have received encouraging words and areas to focus on. This summer will be one of intense focus to get it finalised.

I've also been very happy to be involved in the WestWords Academy and have met some terrific writers in and associated with Western Sydney. The Academy is a professional development series for writers who want to focus on the non-craft related skills needed to become a professional author. I've learned a lot, but mostly I've appreciated being part of a community of writers again.

A few last things. Check out my new Instagram account. I'm experimenting with Mastadon at the moment, so feel free to follow me there. And as always, head to my website for all the latest.


Trickster's Wake Teaser Trailer

This year I launched a teaser trailer for my novel (still in development), Trickster's Wake. I've received some really great feedback on it, though I haven't exactly been great at promoting it.

The amazing visuals are courtesy of my talented artist brother, Luke Marcatili. He compiled the video while I managed other elements of production (music, VO artist, scripting etc.).

Publication: A Strange Affection

Earlier this year, 'A Strange Affection' was published in Queer as Fiction, a queer fiction anthology published by Spineless Wonders. I had submitted the story as part of a different project they were running called Sounds of Sydney. The callout asked for brief stories (less than 500 words) inspired by a place in Sydney. Authors would then record the stories, and QR codes would make the recordings accessible on-site in the places the stories were about.

I recorded my piece earlier this year, though it's yet to be released. But I was also approached and asked whether I would like my piece included in this anthology and was delighted to say yes.

You can buy a copy of the anthology here.

Other Writing News

Judging for the Aurealis Awards

I'm extremely pleased to be judging for this year's Aurealis Awards – specifically, for the Graphic Novel Award. I've been reading a really great range of works from Australian authors and artists.

Entries are now closed, but for more info click here.

Editing Trickster's Wake

Special thanks to Abigail Nathan at Bothersome Words. Her manuscript assessment offered great insights into my current major project, Trickster's Wake, and I've got plenty to work through.

Definitely recommend.

The Geek Anthropologist Review

I'm extremely excited to be writing a review of World Beyond, an anthology of speculative fiction written by Papua New Guinean authors edited by Dr Kirsten McGavin. This review has been commissioned by the blog site The Geek Anthropologist, which combines two of my favourite things: an anthropological worldview and popular culture. The nerds at TGA were kind enough to publish another review I wrote a couple of years ago for the book Old Futures: Speculative Fiction and Queer Possibility. Read it here.

The review is now going through the editing rounds and will be out in 2023.



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