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Tricksters Wake Teaser

Trickster's Wake is a low-magic urban fantasy novel for adults currently in development. It's set in a world that blends 1920s LA with late 19th Century UK and features a strong female lead. 


This character-driven story centres on themes that consider our relationship with the environment.​

This novel is in late stages of development.

Book trailer created by Luke Marcatili.

In The Press

Christopher's first short story, 'Cartograph', was published in the UTS Writers' Anthology, Evening Lands.


It was reviewed as:

one extraordinary feat of imagination and narration by Christopher Marcatili, who creates in Cartograph a frightening world that is at once alien and familiar...

– Sydney Morning Herald


Screen Shot 2023-04-26 at 9.06.31 am.png

One of Christopher's flash fiction pieces, A Strange Affection, was published by Spineless Wonders in their anthology Queer as Fiction in 2022. It was also was published in 2023 as part of their Sonic Sydney collection. 

Christopher provided a reading of the short story which is now available online.

Writing Sample: Bawder House

Bawder House1.webp

The man smiles. It is charming and wicked at once and somehow I cannot turn away. He's a fellow gentleman. Dressed in a tailored suit the colour of dead ashes, fitted with a waistcoat in which his thumbs are hooked, he is an image of self-assurance. White hair tumbles atop his head, his brows arched and his beard cloven at his chin. I feel toward him some bond.


“Brother,” says he, “I've a proposal for you.”


And so I listen.

About Me


Christopher is a queer, emerging writer of fiction and non-fiction. A number of his pieces have been published in print and online.

Christopher is currently completing a PhD in Anthropology. He has an MA in Creative Writing and is also a freelance copy editor.



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Christopher is studying the anthropology of creativity, working with writers, authors and storytellers in Iceland.

Ellipsis Editing

Christopher started Ellipsis Editing in 2018. He specialises in proofreading and copy editing academic works, including PhD thesis, journal articles, and books. But he also loves to work with creatives on their projects.

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