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Christopher Marcatili

Writer of weird & Queer fiction

Trickster's Wake

Trickster's Wake is an urban fantasy fiction novel for adults currently in development. It is set in a world that blends 1920s LA with late 19th Century UK and features a strong female lead. 


This character-driven story centres on themes that consider our relationship with the environment.

This novel is in late stages of development. 


Christopher Marcatili

Christopher is a queer, emerging writer of fiction and non-fiction. A number of his pieces have been published in print and online.

Christopher has an MA in Creative Writing, a BA in Anthropology, and is a freelance copy editor.

In the press

Christopher's first short story, Cartograph, was published in the UTS Writers' Anthology for 2013. It was described in a review as:

"one extraordinary feat of imagination and narration by Christopher Marcatili, who creates in Cartograph a frightening world that is at once alien and familiar..."

  –  Sydney Morning Herald

Excerpt from Bawder House

The man smiles. It is charming and wicked at once and somehow I cannot turn away. He's a fellow gentleman. Dressed in a tailored suit the colour of dead ashes, fitted with a waistcoat in which his thumbs are hooked, he is an image of self-assurance. White hair tumbles thickly atop his head, his brows arched and his beard cloven at his chin. I feel toward him some bond.


“Brother,” says he, “I've a proposal for you.”


And so I listen.

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