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Iceland in Other Words: A Zine of Ethnographic Fiction

"Iceland in Other Words: A Zine of Ethnographic Fiction" is a creative exploration of Icelandic culture and society through the lens of ethnographic fiction. This zine combines the immersive storytelling of fiction with the research-driven insights of ethnography, offering readers a unique way to understand and experience Iceland. "Iceland in Other Words" serves as both an educational tool and a literary work, inviting readers to reflect on the ways in which cultural stories are told and understood.

What is ethnographic fiction?

Ethnographic fiction blends the factual rigour of ethnography—traditionally the detailed study of people and cultures—with the imaginative elements of fiction. This approach allows for a deeper emotional connection to the subject matter, making complex cultural nuances more accessible and engaging. 

What's a zine?

A zine is a small, self-published work, often produced by individuals or small groups. It typically features original or appropriated texts and images. Zines are known for their DIY ethos, limited print runs, and unique, often hand-crafted aesthetic.

Can I be involved?

Yes! More details are coming soon. Keep an eye out here. 

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